Bugs Last Chance provides a full line of Termite & Pest Control products.

Organic Pest Control

1.) Inside baseboards & around pipe penetrations

2.) Outside around try ^ windows, doors, patio.

We use Eco Exempt, this product offer a complete line of organic products to ensure that your home stays chemical free.
Peppermint & Rosemary oil are the two main active ingredients.

3.) Dust attic and under home with DE (diatomaceous earth) also know as diatomite, a natural occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that is crumbled in to a fine white powder. Very similar to pumice. Fossilized remains of diatoms ( a type of hard-shelled algae). **WE USE THIS PRODUCT IN ALL HOME'S.

General Pest Control

We treat all types of insects, and depending on what insects we are targeting. The Initial Service, we treat

1.) Inside around baseboards (even closets), pipe penetrations, and entry ways, with a handheld sprayer. We have 4 different tips for ALL type's of applications.

2.) power spray exterior of home with the tank rig (in the bed of truck), we put barrier 2-3 feet from the foundations as well as 2-3 feet up the home. Eve's, around windows, doors, porches & patio's. * Please take down any bird feeders * (can be put back after exterior dries)

3.) dust attic & Under (if p&b foundation) with DE (diatomaceous earth) * see notes in Organic Pest Control. *
We use low odor products inside, with no white residue, but if you are sensitive to the smell, ** Ventilate the home **, and let us know so we can change to a different product in the future.

Additional Services:

We treat yards for flea's/ticks/ants, and other general insects. All pets/people need to stay off the yards until completely dry! Try to have grass mowed (collect clippings), and kids/ dos toy's picked up. Rake up heavy harborages of leaves or grass. We will treat the entire fenced in yards & alley. (grass/ dirt) and the front all the way to street & shrubs by house. Tree's can be treated for all kinds of insects, but it is best to identify the pest before any spraying begins.

Rodents/ Mice/ Rats
We use bait inside the home, under sinks, in cabinets kitchen/bath, hot water heater closet, and attic & under home if P&B foundations. Replace bait as needed. *usually annually*

We also have Rodent Boxes for the rodents to be able to find the bait prior to coming inside. They are weather proof, pet proof, and child proof. *great for out buildings, barns, shops, detached garages.* Rodents enter to feed and exit to die. No Secondary Kill. (this means this bait will not effect the second animal that eats the rat/mice) Wildlife Trapping/ Farrel Cats, ect…

We will set a humane trap. We do not kill, we wilol release back to nature. *this may take several trips and weeks sometimes to solve* We will wire up hole for entry, (only a patch) we are not contractors. After the problems are resolved, then a more attractive repair can be made on the area.